My goal, my true goal, is for people to become self-aware of their limitless potential. 

The truth is everyone has the potential to be a leader. But we can’t wait for that perfect moment.

We must ACT.

Leadership is about influencing yourself to accomplish your goals and achieve your full potential.

Embracing yourself as a leader starts with asking 3 Questions: 

1. Who am I?

2. How can I make a difference?

3. Where am I going?

Years ago, a life-threatening injury on the baseball field made me ask these questions.

The greatest gift we are given is our one chance at life. I didn’t want my life to be just average. I wanted my life to have meaning, to stand for something. So I imagined my life with the end in mind. That vision created a system for my life. I started waking up every morning with purpose, building “mind muscle” with small victories, building momentum, consistent action, conditioning my life every day, until I grew into the leader I myself would follow.

My vivid vision is to live in a world filled with self-leaders living in full expression of their authentic selves.

I want to help people answer those 3 important questions, so that they can answer the one MASSIVE question:


Why am I here? Why do I matter? Why does my life have purpose?

I'm not here for self-improvement. I'm here to REVOLUTIONIZE the way that you see yourself. 

Join me and start today to "LIVE FOR IMPACT."


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